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Health: Meridians, Systems & Organs

HLTH 196 Z1 (CRN: 94741)

1 Credit Hour

About HLTH 196 Z1

Intermediate courses on health topics beyond the scope of departmental or college offerings. See Schedule of Courses for specific titles.


Location: John Dewey Lounge in Old Mill 325; Lab Fee $20; Dates: November 1 and 2; Times: 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM; Open to degree and non degree students

Section Description

Meridians are an interconnected web of energy lines that nourish the internal aspects of the human body, including organs and body systems. Learn ways to assess the meridians, alter their energy flow, and manage internal energy. Learn to assess, clear and energize organs and body systems. A strong background in energy-based healing is required for this intensive two-day course in which you will discover how meridians influence health and illness.

Section Expectation

Course Objectives: The participants will: 1. Describe the energetic nature and function of 14 meridians 2. Document meridian assessment, demonstrate and practice techniques to alter meridian energy flow 3. Describe energetic nature and function of systems and organs 4. Document systems and organs assessments, demonstrate and practice using techniques to balance systems and organs energy flow 5. Discuss implications for practice


Course Assignments/Evaluation Methods: 1. Demonstration of Meridians, Systems & Organs techniques in class/class participation ? 50% 2. Completion of homework: a. Documentation of Meridians, Systems & Organs sessions 10% b. Holistic Health Self-Assessment 10% c. Development of an energetic self-care plan including meridian balancing 10% d. Documentation in a self-care journal ? what you did and didn?t do, what worked, what you noticed energetically about your self.. Ten entries. 20%




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