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Statistics: Elements of Statistics

STAT 111 OL1 (CRN: 60169)

3 Credit Hours

About STAT 111 OL1

Basic statistical concepts, methods, and applications, including correlation, regression, confidence intervals, and hypothesis tests. Prerequisites: Two years of high school algebra; Sophomore standing.


DATES: June 30 -August 8, 2014

Section Description

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Elements of Statistics is an introductor statistics course with the main goal of helping students to understand the basic concepts in statistics and become statistically literate. Emphasis is placed on the critical thinking that goes into using data in the real world and how it applies to a students' field of study and everyday life. TEXT: This course will use the text "Statistics: Unlocking the Power of Data" by Lock, Lock, Lock, Lock & Lock. Access to the WileyPlus online portal is required. WileyPlus includes all of the textbook in electronic form, so purchasing a hard copy of the textbook is not required. If you elect to purchase a hard copy of the textbook, please make sure that it comes with an access code for WileyPlus. COURSE TOPICS: 1. Data Classification and Study Design 2. Descriptive Statistics 3. Sampling Distributions 4. Confidence Intervals using Bootstrap, Normal and t-Distribution 5. Hypothesis Tests using Randomization Tests, Normal, t-Distribution and Chi-square


Tests 60% Discussion Board Assignments 20% Online Homework 20%


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