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Computer Science: QR: Intro to Web Site Dev

CS 008 B (CRN: 94795)

3 Credit Hours

About CS 008 B

Provides a strong foundation in HTML, CSS, images, beginning web programming, and web design so that the student can create a complete functional web site.


Open to degree and CDE students

Section Description

Introduction to WWW design is a great course to take. We will learn about how to make a web by understanding the underlying structure that all web sites are built from. We will also discover computer programing as we work on making a web form that not only validates and saves the information but also emails a copy to the person filling the form out.

Section Expectation

You can expect to work on the computer several hours each day (the actual amount of time will vary from person to person) I would plan on about 8 hours a week and see how you do. You may spend less or you may spend more depending on your comfort level. We read about 2 chapters each module covering one module each week.


You will be graded on roughly eight lab assignments, a mid term exam, a final exam, your final project and your participation. All work is individual work with groups allowed for the final project.




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