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Greek: Elementary

GRK 001 A (CRN: 92035)

4 Credit Hours

About GRK 001 A


Open to degree and CDE students; Fourth hour required online

Section Description

Ancient Greek, perhaps the most supple and beautiful language, if such things can be measured. This course takes you from knowing not a word, not a letter of the alphabet, through about half of the basic structure of the language (the other half comes next semester). Once completed, students can begin to read ancient Greek texts such as Plato's dialogues, Euripides' plays, Herodotus' histories, Aristophanes' comedies, the New Testament, and so much more.

Section Expectation

Steady work: each step is easy, but the whole journey is long. Learning a language requires daily work in small doses, the more the better, since memory is built and reinforced that way. Each lesson, we will encounter a specific set of new grammatical forms and functions as well as new vocabulary. They must be mastered so that what comes next makes sense.


Weekly quizzes, two midterms, and a final.




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to on Monday, Wednesday and Friday



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