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BioCore: Genetics

BCOR 101 ZRA (CRN: 91816)

3 Credit Hours

About BCOR 101 ZRA

The basis of inheritance, covering topics from classical genetics to modern molecular studies. Analysis of genetic data emphasized, from prokaryotic, animal, and plant systems. Prerequisites: [(BCOR 011 or BIOL 001) and (BCOR 012 or BIOL 002)], or BCOR 021; and also CHEM 031, or CHEM 035, or CHEM 051.


Prereqs enforced by the system: BCOR 011/012 or BIOL 001/002 or BCOR 021; and CHEM 031/032 or CHEM 035/036 or CHEM 051/052; Must register for BCOR 101 discussion; Post Bac Pre Med and CDE students only Degree students register for BCOR 101 A.




Marsh Life Sci 235 (View Campus Map)


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