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BioCore: Exploring Biology

BCOR 011 Z1 (CRN: 61796)

4 Credit Hours

About BCOR 011 Z1

Exploring biology from cells to organisms. Topics include origins of life, ancestral organisms, uni- and multi- cellular energetics, evolution of respiration and metabolism, and the genetic code. Credit not given for both BCOR 011 and BIOL 001. Pre/co-requisite: Concurrent enrollment or credit in CHEM 031 or CHEM 032.


Dates: May 22 - June 16, 2017; Recommended: Concurrent enrollment or credit in CHEM 031 or equivalent; Must register for lab

Section Description

BCOR 11 will cover topics in chemistry of life, cell structure and function, cellular reproduction, energy metabolism, and physiology of plants and animals. All readings referred to here are chapters within the assigned text, which is Principles of Life 2e by Hillis et al. Other readings may be assigned and will be posted on blackboard (

Section Expectation

At the end of the semester of BCOR 011, students will be able to… • articulate how biological processes work using the appropriate terminology. • identify new properties that emerge in biological systems from cells to organisms. • recognize and utilize the scientific method. • convert data into a summary figure, identify pattern, and use pattern to support a conclusion.


We expect there will be three exams and a final, plus homework assignments, in-class questions, and lab exercises. The laboratory component counts for about a quarter of the total points and you must pass both lecture and lab to pass the course.




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