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Public Health: Culminating Project Experience

PH 392 OL1 (CRN: 60479)

2 Credit Hours

About PH 392 OL1

Prepares students to apply knowledge and skills in a culminating project experience that reflects research and practice needs of actual populations. Prerequisites: PH 301, PH 302, PH 303, PH 307.


Dates: May 22 - August 11, 2017; Open to Master of Public Health students only; Students must have completed PH 392 in Spring 2017

Section Description

Phase 3 of PH392 is intended to support students in communicating the results of their research. The course is taught entirely online and includes assigned readings and videos, written assignments, and online interactions with other students. There is no assigned text. Materials will be available through Blackboard. Poster Presentation: Each student will create a visually informative poster and video presentation that will support the online poster session. Students will pose and answer questions during the poster session, which will extend over two days to allow for asynchronous participation. Manuscript Submission: Students will select an appropriate journal for the publication of their manuscript, write the manuscript in accordance with that journal’s instructions to authors, and submit the final manuscript to the journal, and to the Faculty Committee.

Section Expectation

Students are expected to read and view all assigned materials before assignments are due, complete their written assignments, and participate in class activities. Students must consult with their faculty mentors and other co-authors throughout the course. Successful students of this 2‐credit course will create and present a scholarly poster and write a manuscript which will be submitted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal.


31% Quizzes, homework, and class participation throughout the course 31% Poster and poster presentation 38% Manuscript and manuscript submission




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