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BioCore: Molecular and Cell Biology

BCOR 103 Z1 (CRN: 60393)

4 Credit Hours

About BCOR 103 Z1

Explores the fundamental processes of life. Topics include cellular metabolism; structure and function of organelles; cell cycle; signal transduction; biology of cancer.


Dates: June 19 - July 14, 2017; PREREQS: BIOL 001 & 002, or BCOR 011 & 012, or BCOR21; CHEM 031 & 032. RECOMMENDED: CHEM 141, BCOR 101.

Section Description

Cell Biology is a multidisciplinary endeavor that draws strength from biochemistry, genetics, physics, microbiology and other specialities. It is a science that asks questions about the most basic properties of life using the most sophisticated technology available. At its core, Cell Biology is engaged in uncovering the fundamental processes of life. The implications of cell biology research are far ranging, from human health to bioremediation.




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