Public Health: Careers in Public Health

PH 196 WQ1 (CRN: 14290)

1 Credit Hour

About PH 196 WQ1

Students learn the public health functions and services through the lens of the public health workforce. Careers in public health and related fields are explored.


Winter Session Online Course: 12/26/13-1/10/14; Open to both CE and Degree students. This course may or may now fulfill degree requirements for UVM students. Please consult with your Dean's Office if you have any questions about applicability of winter session courses toward graduation requirements; Instructor permission required

Section Description

The public health workforce contains a diverse mix of occupations in a variety of work settings. The common thread among public health careers is a focus on disease prevention and health promotion. Public health focuses on the health of populations (e.g., communities, states, nations) rather than on the health of an individual. In this course, we will learn about the core functions and essential services of public health. We will explore common areas of public health practice (e.g., infectious diseases, environmental health, maternal and child health, etc.) and types of job settings (e.g., government, non-profits, and academia). Through readings and interviews, we will examine the wide range of careers that constitute public health practice (e.g., epidemiologist, public health nursing, administration), as well as careers outside of public health that have the potential to greatly influence the health of populations (e.g., urban/town planners). Students will reflect upon their own career goals and practice skills necessary for exploring career opportunities, preparing for advanced study, and applying for jobs and internships. While this course is designed to be highly individualized, students will have the opportunity to work together providing and receiving peer review. This course is open to all students.

Section Expectation

The course will be taught online with daily modules consisting of presentations, required readings, videos, and websites covering one or more areas of public health practice (e.g., infectious disease, chronic disease, public safety). Each day students will be asked to participate in written discussion or complete a short written assignment. It will be important that students not fall behind as this is an intensive course limited to 10 days. Throughout the course students will work on their own individualized career plan, which will be submitted as a final project. Students will view a series of daily videos featuring an interview of a public health professional currently active in their field of public health. Students are required to submit one question for the profiled professional each day. Questions will be summarized and submitted to the professional. Answers will be posted the following day. All assignments, initial discussion posts, and questions for the profiled professional are due at 6pm on the day they are due. Comments on other students? posts (when applicable) are due by midnight of that day. For the two assignments in which peer review of work is required (resume and cover letter), comments back to your classmate are due by the following day at midnight. Course materials are released 24 hours prior to their scheduled day. Timelines for the course will be reinforced through daily morning announcements. Students must submit on time for full credit.


Student performance is based on the following criteria: ? Discussions / journals (30%) Grade is based on level of participation, content, and professionalism (tone, grammar, etc.). ? Short assignments (40%) Self-identify skills, values and interests Informational interview Resume ? draft and review Cover letter ? draft and review ? Professional profile question submission and group assignment (10%) ? Final project / career plan (20%)


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