Linguistics: Languages of the World

LING 096 WQ1 (CRN: 14262)

1 Credit Hour

About LING 096 WQ1

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Winter Session Online Course; 12/26/13 - 1/10/14; Open to both CE and Degree students. This course may or may not fulfill degree requirements for UVM students. Please consult with your Dean's Office if you have any questions about applicability of winter session courses toward graduation requirements.

Section Description

This course explores the world's languages in an interactive online format. We study major language families and language relatedness, properties shared by the world's language, and how global change effects language diversity. Assignments include an online language scavenger hunt, work with a foreign writing system, and language mapping games. We will make extensive use of online media in a range of languages as a major component of this course. The course will allow the student to become familiar with the major language families and to appreciate language diversity in a globalizing world.


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