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Pitchfork in the Road: Graphic Designer Lara Dickson Finds a Second Career at Next Chapter Farm

By Sarah Tuff Dunn A few years ago, Burlington’s Lara Dickson was living high on the hog in graphic and web design, feeding off 20 years of... Continue Reading

Rachel Ankeny on GMOs, Food Ethics & Consumer Attitudes

By Hailey Grohman Professor Rachel Ankeny is an associate dean of research and deputy dean in the faculty of arts at the University of Adelaide, Australia, where... Continue Reading

Environmental Capstone Course Connects Students to Community

By Jeffrey Wakefield “Any rock climbers out there?” The question hung in the air like a climber about to summit a challenging rock face. Then, bashfully, a... Continue Reading

Alumni Advice: Dana Gulley on Landing on Her Feet in the Sustainability Movement

By Sarah Tuff Dunn When you grow up in Garrison, New York, as Dana Gulley did, chances are you’re going to be a bit green. After all,... Continue Reading

UVM Program Helps Students Navigate the Complexities & Rewards of Food Hubs

By Sarah Tuff Dunn What does it mean to be a food hub? That’s the question hundreds of communities across the United States are asking as they... Continue Reading