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Past Lectures

2009 Keynote address by journalist Paul Roberts: The Future of Food in a Peak Oil World
2008 In Defense of Food: Connecting the Dots Between Sustainability and Health
Integrated Solutions to Global Environmental Problem: Integrating Technological Approaches with Political, Social, and Economic Realities
2007 The Promise and Price of Modernization in ChinaThe Promise and Price of Modernization in China
2006 Common Sense & Compromise
2005 Visioning the Future and Vermont
2004 An Empire of Liberty? America’s Role in the World
2003 Agriculture…Industry…Advertising…Who Chooses the Food You Eat?
2002 After Oil: The Future of Personal Transportation
2001 Money and Politics: The Debate Over Campaign Finance Reform
2000 Vermont’s Watersheds: Sustaining Ecological & Economic Vitality
1999 Taxation and Economic Development: The Vermont Dilemma
1998 Environmental Sciences and Public Policy: Bringing Interests Together
1997 Vermont’s Energy Future: Opportunities or Consequences?
1996 Communications Technology: Tools for Innovation & Global Competitiveness
1994 Human Genetics: Navigating the New Frontier
1992 The Northern Forest
1991 The Aiken Legacy
1990 Solving Environmental Problems Through Technology
1988 Economic Development
1986 Competing Visions of Vermont: Agriculture, Communities, & Groundwater
1985 Nuclear Weapons and American Foreign Policy
1983 Acid Precipitation
1982 Landscapes and Landowners: Private Needs and Public Interests
1981 Mass Media and Foreign Policy
1980 Nuclear Energy
1979 Our Food: Cash, Calories and Controversy
1978 The United States and Africa: Toward a New Relationship
1977 Energy
1976 Social and Economic Problems of Rural Societies
1975 International Affairs
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