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About George D. Aiken

…Dedicated to the old Sweet Greening Tree, whose hundred years of humble usefulness reflect the ruggedness and vitality nurtured by the hills of Vermont… –Dedication from George Aiken’s Pioneering with Fruits and Berries

aiken_youngmanGeorge Aiken was born in Dummerston, Vermont on August 20, 1892. He spent his earlier years in the common schools of Putney, VT and graduated in 1909 from Brattleboro High School. A farmer in occupation, he married Beatrice Howard and had four children by her: Dorothy, Marjorie, Howard, and Barbara. He married his second wife, Lola Pierotti, on June 30, 1967.

George D. Aiken held public office at the local, state and national level, garnering kudos and awards throughout his long term of service to Vermont. His illustrious career began in 1931 when he first entered the political arena as a Town Representative. His political career spanned forty-three years. During this time he served as Speaker of the House of Representatives, Governor of Vermont, Putney Town Moderator and United States Senator.

One has only to view the long list of his achievements to recognize the greatness inherent in George D. Aiken, but he was not a man defined solely by awards and career goals. One glimpse into his real life allows us to see and realize the humor and pureness of his character.

"…Dedicated to Peter Rabbit in the hope that flattery will accomplish what traps and guns have failed to do, and that the little rascal will let our plants alone from this time on…"
–Pioneering with Wildflowers, 1968

For a more complete biography of Senator George D. Aiken’s life and achievements click here.

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